Ari From Entourage Running the Country?

An interesting article on Ari from Entourage . . . . err, I mean Rahm Emanuel, and how he wields a substantial amount of power within the White House. After watching Ari on TV and his profanity laced tirades, boorish behavior and general nastiness, all I can say is I’m glad I don’t work in the White House right now. One part of the story I found extremely annoying was that Ari seems to have a major influence on economic policy. This despite the fact that the guy is simply not qualified to be doing so in my opinion. One piece of information that should be obvious from the article is that if the economy and stock market roll over, the White House will be pushing for another government stimulus package.

(P.S. – for those of you wondering, yes I realize that Rahm is Ari Emanuel’s brother, but many people make reference to the fact that the two brothers are very similar in temperament. The article even makes reference to “the Ari Gold” side of Rahm).

– Jack


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