Mission Statement

This blog’s primary purpose is to aggregate and present pertinent, factually accurate news, information and analysis regarding economics.

We also intend to assist interested readers in planning for their futures by helping them better understand the current economic and political environment.


Jeff Anderson– Mr. Anderson is an Analyst and Portfolio Manager with Ancora Advisors LLC. He will be focusing on special situations such as liquidations, bankruptcies, turnarounds and companies trading at discounts to their net cash balance. He has 11 years of experience investing in micro-cap, special situations.

Brian Hopkins– Brian Hopkins is a Senior Vice President with Ancora Advisors. Mr. Hopkins heads up the firm’s alternative investment efforts, which includes four investment partnerships.

Ryan Hummer, CFA – Ryan Hummer is an equity analyst and portfolio manager for Ancora Advisors.

John Micklitsch, CFA– John Micklitsch is a Vice President with Ancora Advisors, LLC. Mr. Micklitsch manages separate accounts for the firm in addition to researching and monitoring investments across all of Ancora’s equity strategies. He also manages the firm’s  China  focused investment partnership the Ancora Greater China Fund, LP.

John Kane– John Kane joined Ancora in 2005 and works as both a sales associate and client relationship manager.


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