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Explaining Modern Finance And Economics Using Booze And Broke Alcoholics

Effective….. won’t take you long to read and it helps you see the common sense, or lack thereof in what’s happened.

-Billy Ray Valentine, Capricorn


Joe Granville: Dow Down 1,000 Points Each Quarter This Year

“Market timer” Joe Granville believes the Dow will be down 4,000 points this year.  His call is based on his proprietary market indicators.  Enjoy the clip.



Natural Gas

There’s tons of it in North America and companies are getting in line to export it.


Europe and Its $1 Trillion Problem

Europe needs to raise $1 Trillion in debt to refinancing existing debt coming due and to finance budget deficits.


Unemployment Rate to 8.5%

Although the unemployment rate is down to 8.5%, the falling labor participation rate is still the major reason for the “improvement.”  Here’s a post from Zero Hedge explaining the numbers.


Charts of the Year

Click here to see a chart plotting the Obama administrations forecasts of unemployment with the recovery plan that was passed, without the recovery plan, and actual unemployment (in red) which is far worse than both forecasts.

Here’s a chart of a hypothetical unemployment rate that assumes the labor force had been constant and not shrinking (due to people giving up).

Here’s a chart of wealth owned by the top  1% over the years.  It’s down to steady contrary to popular belief.

An interactive map of uprisings in the Middle-East, Northern Africa.

Anatomy of a Collapse



I thought this was an interesting opinion on gold.  The price of gold is down significantly over the past few weeks as the article discusses.  Enjoy.