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Natural Gas

There’s tons of it in North America and companies are getting in line to export it.



Charts of the Year

Click here to see a chart plotting the Obama administrations forecasts of unemployment with the recovery plan that was passed, without the recovery plan, and actual unemployment (in red) which is far worse than both forecasts.

Here’s a chart of a hypothetical unemployment rate that assumes the labor force had been constant and not shrinking (due to people giving up).

Here’s a chart of wealth owned by the top  1% over the years.  It’s down to steady contrary to popular belief.

An interactive map of uprisings in the Middle-East, Northern Africa.

Anatomy of a Collapse


40 Years of Fiat Currency — from

For those of you feeling nostalgic, you can watch President Richard Nixon’s speech (here) in 1971 on the decision to “temporarily suspend the convertibility of the dollar into gold”.

some excerpts:  “We must protect the position of the American dollar as a pillar of monetary stability around the world”.

President Nixon notes that there had been 7 crises in the past 7 years and blames “international money speculators” because they thrive on the very events they create.

Even better, his explanation of devaluation to the audience is great.  As long as you buy American goods there’ll be no noticeable change……….Oh and we’re slapping a 10% import tariff to boot.

I guess we should blame money speculators for the charts below the video.


Dick P.

Opinion: Europe & Taxes

Here is a must-read piece from Hayman Capital.  Enjoy.


Effective Regulation, Not More

Here’s more evidence we need effective regulation and not more of it:  CFTC failure in MF Global oversight; SEC turned a blind eye to another “massive fraud.”


Details on Fed Moves to Save Banks

Here is a great article detailing the Fed’s actions during the 2008 financial meltdown that saved the financial system.  It was much worse than anyone believed.

Debt Issues in Italy

6% yield on Italian sovereign debt is unsustainable for the country!?  Uh oh.