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Natural Gas

There’s tons of it in North America and companies are getting in line to export it.



Europe and Its $1 Trillion Problem

Europe needs to raise $1 Trillion in debt to refinancing existing debt coming due and to finance budget deficits.


ECB Balance Sheet

The ECB’s balance sheet is growing like a weed.   Here’s a good video clip summarizing.

-Billy Ray

The European Problem in 2012

An interesting chart here depicting the amount of debt troubled countries in the EU need to roll over in 2012 and corresponding yields on each country’s 10 yr treasury bonds.    These countries need to roll over 1.7 trillion Euros of debt coming due in 2012.



Oil Expectations: $100+ per Barrel in 2012

Experts are predicting oil will remain in the $100 – $120 per barrel range in 2012 due largely to Iran.


Euro Summit

Outcome of the Euro Summit is here- significant changes in the EU are afootHere’s another article from The Economist.


Is the ECB Printing Money?

The ECB has in place a “bond sterilization” program by which it buys bonds issued by troubled EU nations, and then tenders for deposits.  In other words, the ECB buys bonds while it borrows money from (European) banks, thus funding the purchases.  But this week its tender came up short so in effect it bought more bonds than it had borrowed funds to invest.  We will see if the situation is remedied in the coming days or if the ECB effectively starts printing money which would be a slap in Germany’s face.

-Billy Ray