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Joe Granville: Dow Down 1,000 Points Each Quarter This Year

“Market timer” Joe Granville believes the Dow will be down 4,000 points this year.  His call is based on his proprietary market indicators.  Enjoy the clip.





I thought this was an interesting opinion on gold.  The price of gold is down significantly over the past few weeks as the article discusses.  Enjoy.


Warning on the Heels of the 100% Debt/GDP Breach

A warning from Fitch.


Difficult Year for Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are having their second-worst year on record.  Here’s a piece from the Financial TimesHere is more detail from Zero Hedge.


Shadow Banking Update

Banks are pledging as collateral to other banks your investment securities and those banks are doing the same.  This is a great post that talks about this “shadow banking” practice.  The practice is shadowy because it does not show up on banks’ balance sheets.  As the article discusses, it could have dire consequences.



Opinion: Europe & Taxes

Here is a must-read piece from Hayman Capital.  Enjoy.


Greek Bailout May Be In Trouble

The Dow was up north of 250 points before this news hit after which it quickly shaved off more than 100 points.