I thought this was an interesting opinion on gold.  The price of gold is down significantly over the past few weeks as the article discusses.  Enjoy.



ECB Balance Sheet

The ECB’s balance sheet is growing like a weed.   Here’s a good video clip summarizing.

-Billy Ray

The European Problem in 2012

An interesting chart here depicting the amount of debt troubled countries in the EU need to roll over in 2012 and corresponding yields on each country’s 10 yr treasury bonds.    These countries need to roll over 1.7 trillion Euros of debt coming due in 2012.



Oil Expectations: $100+ per Barrel in 2012

Experts are predicting oil will remain in the $100 – $120 per barrel range in 2012 due largely to Iran.


Warning on the Heels of the 100% Debt/GDP Breach

A warning from Fitch.


US Debt to GDP Officially Greater than 100%

We’ve crossed the line and it’s full steam ahead, no signs slowing.



Difficult Year for Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are having their second-worst year on record.  Here’s a piece from the Financial TimesHere is more detail from Zero Hedge.